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Let the drummer go

I am not a Calvinist. But this Christmas I listened to a lot of the band, Theocracy. Calvinism kind of fits with the darker themes of Heavy Metal. Anyway, I think their Christmas stuff is great. Sometimes it is hilarious. … Continue reading

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2018-Christmas letter

As I have done before, I post my family end-of-the-year, Christmas letter here: Yule—Our Germanic ancestors got really drunk and sacrificed somebody to Chris Hemsworth (Thor). We too really want the days to start getting longer. We’re going to refrain … Continue reading

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More deeply into Advent

Here is a semi-poetic Advent meditation that I link because I haven’t yet done anything to mark Hanukkah or the impending Nativity celebration.  Be sure to watch and listen to the video at the end. It may help to know … Continue reading

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Why blogging may be spotty for a while

The pastor of my home church has been on sick leave for couple months.  Fortunately, we have a young man taking care of Sunday morning services.  But the people have called upon me for a few things.  This week being … Continue reading

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Terrien-new read for Ash-Valentine’s Day

Joy seems to get chilled out of life by the divisions between people today.  On social media I notice that people obsess about politics and have a hard time remaining “friends” with people on the other side. I miss the kind … Continue reading

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Annual family Christmas Letter-2017

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all from Dave & Betty Corder. First, for this season of miracles: In April our daughter-in-law, Theresa had life-saving open-heart surgery. It was a long, tense day. She had suffered an … Continue reading

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 year-end reflection after about six years of blogging

What interests me is the foundations of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  The claim that the God the Israelites called YHWH revealed himself to them and made them his people draws me to the Hebrew Scriptures.  The claim that this God further … Continue reading

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