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Levenson-Jewish philosophers

The next chapter in The Love of God by Jon Levenson moves on from ancient biblical and rabbinic material to medieval Jewish philosophers.  This is new territory for me. I had never heard of Bah ya ibn Pequda, an 11th … Continue reading

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Levenson-sex and theology in the Song of Solomon

I continue to read Jon Levenson’s The Love of God Levenson cannot help but discuss the Song of Solomon as he discusses the erotic or romantic metaphors the Hebrew  Bible uses for the love of God.  Some have insisted that … Continue reading

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Levenson-the erotic dimension

My reading project is Jon Levenson’s The Love of God. One of the complaints about the so-called feminizing of the church is that some contemporary worship songs are basically about Jesus as my boyfriend.  Of course, it is not just … Continue reading

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Levenson-heart, soul, and might

I am reading and blogging about Jon Levenson’s book, The Love of God. Levenson deals with midrash and other interpretations of the Bible in rabbinic writings.  I don’t know a lot about rabbinic thought.  Some of this chapter touches on … Continue reading

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That statue in Cairo is probably not Ramses II

The latest news about the statue just discovered in a Cairo neighborhood is that the initial identification of the Pharaoh depicted is suspect. In other words, it probably is not Ramses II, but a much later Pharaoh. See the very … Continue reading

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Levenson-love as reciprocal loyalty

In The Love of God, Jon Levenson uses the Amarna Letters to talk about the love of God for us. He has used the ancient suzerainty treaties as the source for the biblical notion of love. In those treaties the … Continue reading

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The mysterious rock tombs of the pre-Israelites

I will get back to the Jon Levenson book on the love of God, which is my current project.  But I have been distracted by some amazing archeological discoveries that have shown up in the news in recent days. Yesterday … Continue reading

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