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Jacob’s dream at Bethel

Here is the situation I am in right now. A couple weeks ago I filled in for a pastor who was ill. In the meantime that pastor has very unexpectedly died. So now I am asked to preach again and … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer-issues and beauty

I am preaching this week. Occasionally congregations ask retired preachers to do this. In my case, I don’t encourage it. It still happens. I don’t mind doing it as long as it doesn’t become a long-term commitment. My text will … Continue reading

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Links about the church joining the resistence and King Tut

This morning I have a couple of links. First, I link to an article by Ian Lovett that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal, which has a pay wall.  But the article, Politics in the Pews: Anti-Trump Activism is … Continue reading

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Terrien-reformed sexuality

In regard to sexuality there are a lot of options today: binary, non-binary, androgynous, or the endless multiplication of genders.  That Samuel Terrien subtiltles Till the Heart Sings “a biblical theology of manhood and womanhood” means that he is talking … Continue reading

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Terrien-women and Jesus

I continue to read Till the Heart Sings by Samuel Terrien, where he develops a theology of openness and celebration of both male and female identity.  Because female value has historically been disparaged more in Christianity, he lifts up the … Continue reading

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Carr-a story shaped by trauma

As I understand it, trauma is an overwhelming, haunting experience of disaster so explosive in its impact that it cannot be directly encountered and influences the individual/group’s behavior in indirect ways. This is David M. Carr’s definition of trauma in … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option considered again

I have been thinking about what is called the Benedict Option for a while. It is Rod Dreher’s proposal for Christians to strategically withdraw from the political culture wars.  Last August in the midst of America’s train-wreck of an election, I … Continue reading

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