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1814, 1914 and 2014

Events and Zeitgeists (German for spirit of the times) don’t fall neatly into centuries. We speak of the 19th century as a time of optimism. But that time really began in 1814. We remember the twentieth century for its two … Continue reading

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Methodists irony and sadness

There has been a spate of stories about the difficulties of the United Methodists. This largest of the mainline denominations, like other mainline denominations, is of two minds about homosexuality and gay marriage. Several other mainline churches have given implicit … Continue reading

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North Israel-a forgotten kingdom?

The new issue of Biblical Archeology Review has two reviews of Israel Finkelstein’s latest book. The book is called The Forgotten Kingdom. Finkelstein has repeated in previous works a fairly radical thesis that there never was a divided kingdom as … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism in Genesis 11

The blogger who goes by the initials RJS has been blogging through J. Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1. In spite of the title, the book includes consideration of Genesis 1-11. Middleton has a … Continue reading

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In Darkness

I watched the Polish movie, In Darkness. The movie is based on historical events. Leopold Socha was a sanitation inspector in the City of Lvov, Poland (now Lviv, Ukraine). In 1941 the Nazi occupation authorities had forced the Jews there … Continue reading

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Wright-the nations

In last two chapters of The Mission of God, Christopher Wright deals first with the Old Testament vision of the nations, and then with the New Testament mission to the nations. The “nations” means the other nations besides Israel. His … Continue reading

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Wright-creation beyond the individual

Christopher Wright in The Mission of God has said that God’s mission is to make himself known. The created world is the arena of God’s mission. He made the world good. This world is sacred, but not divine. The world … Continue reading

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