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Crimes against history

I am distracted today from events in the ancient Near East by events in the contemporary Near East. Note the Biblical reference in  the New York Times report: The reports are like something out of a distant era of ancient conquests: … Continue reading

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Secommbe-Jesus’ death as generating a community

It is Lent, the season leading up to Good Friday and Easter.  So I am blogging about David Seccombe’s account of the closing months of Jesus’ ministry. The gospels portray Jesus as giving Peter a special place in the kingdom he … Continue reading

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Seccombe-the mission of the 72

For Lent I am reading the last chapters (those leading up the passion of Christ) in David Seccombe’s study of Jesus, The King of God’s Kingdom. In Luke’s gospel Jesus sends the disciples on a major mission twice.  First, in … Continue reading

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Seccombe-Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem

It is Lent.  So both as a spiritual exercise and because I need to look at the New Testament from time to time, I will write something about Jesus. There is in my library a book that not too many people know … Continue reading

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Zipporah’s conversion

One of the problematic texts that Georg Fohrer assigned to his N (Nomadic) stratum of the Torah was Exodus 4:24-26.  I am going to do a pretty literal translation here.   Now on the journey, at a lodging place, YHWH … Continue reading

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Confused about Hormah

Today I express my confusion about Hormah as a place. There are several passages that mention it. First, in Numbers 21:3 it is a place that the Israelites attacked from their base in Kadesh and conquered. “The Lord listened to … Continue reading

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Hamor in Judges 9:28

While I am getting ready for my next reading project I will look at some passages in the Hebrew Bible that puzzle me.  These are the kind of passages that people tend to pass over because they don’t seem to … Continue reading

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