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It is too late to defend marriage

Pastors in my denomination are on their own when it comes to marriage.  Most do not enter ministry with a well-thought-out theology of marriage.  They develop a practice one case at a time as people request them to preside at … Continue reading

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Ben-Tor on the destruction of Canaanite Hazor

Amnon Ben-Tor, an Israeli archeologist who has been leading the dig at Hazor, reports in the latest issue of Biblical Archeology Review. According to Joshua 11, the Israelite leader, Joshua, attacked and burned Hazor as part of the conquest of … Continue reading

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Les Miserables

Last week I watched the musical movie Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean. Victor Hugo’s original book is like 1400 pages long.  I have never read it.  When I was a kid there was something called Classic Comic … Continue reading

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I want to finish up my series of posts on Jodi Magness’s The Archeology of the Holy Land.  I had to briefly come out of retirement last week.  And that, along with other things, jumbled my schedule.  At least I was … Continue reading

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Funerals-My flesh and my heart may fail

Tomorrow I lead a funeral service. Such services have the purpose of bringing the church and the friends of the person who has died together to support the family. The service does this and so does the visitation the night … Continue reading

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Some excuses and a word about marriage

Blogging will lighten up through the rest of June.  I won’t stop blogging–just slow down to a couple posts a week. It looks like we will finally get a string of hot days without rain storms.  Lots of lawn, garden … Continue reading

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Dallas Willard-rest in peace

I nearly missed this, but Dallas Willard died last month. About two years I blogged through his The Great Omission. He had a concern for spirituality and discipline in the Christian Life.  He shared some of my criticisms of Evangelical … Continue reading

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Jodi Magness has a chapter on synagogues. Like church, synagogue means an assembly of people.  Their meeting place is called a church or synagogue by extension.  Archeology looks for the buildings, the meeting places. The fact from this chapter that … Continue reading

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Magness-under Hadrian

An emperor named Hadrian reigned from 117-138 C.E.  During his time two important events left archeological traces in the Holy Land.  Jodi Magness deals with the Bar-Kokhba revolt and the rebuilding of Jerusalem as a pagan city. There had been … Continue reading

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