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Kruse-works of the law

Colin G. Kruse, in the introduction to Paul’s Letter to the Romans, wants to critique the New Perspective on Paul, which says that Paul’s gospel has been misunderstood by many interpreters. The New Perspective has said that what Paul found wrong … Continue reading

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Kruse-the Sanders revolution

J.D.D. Dunn coined the term “New Perspective” on Paul, but the idea goes back to E. P. Sanders’ book on Paul and Palestinian Judaism.  The old perspective would be the idea that Judaism represented a legalistic system of salvation by works, whereas … Continue reading

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Kruse-the new perspective

Colin G. Kruse, an Australian, has a new commentary on Romans.  It replaces Leon Morris’s commentary in the Pillar New Testament Commentaries.  If you have a Kindle, you might check it out.  I got the electronic book for less than … Continue reading

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The idea that Paul tried to conform his churches to the Apostolic Decree is a problem for the kind of Protestant theology that equates the gospel with justification by faith.  The decree in Acts 15:20 seems to add something besides faith … Continue reading

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Egypt today

This blog is more likely to talk about what happened in Egypt thousands of years ago.  But as many people as possible need to know about what is happening now.  So I do my small part to protest the burning … Continue reading

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Hurd-stepping back from apocalyptic enthusiasm

I am finishing up my summary and interaction with The Origin of 1 Corinthians by John C. Hurd, Jr.  I have used the past tense when speaking of Hurd, because I first read this work back in the 1970s.  However, … Continue reading

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Hurd-how his ideas may still be relevant

Most scholars have put the Apostolic Conference before the founding of the church at Corinth.  This is because most assume Acts gives us the historical sequence.  The Apostolic Conference happens in Acts 15.  Paul founds the church at Corinth and … Continue reading

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Hurd-why Paul flip flopped

Hurd, in The Origin of 1 Corinthians, thought that the dialog preceding 1 Corinthians went something like this: Paul in his previous letter:  I think Christians should marry as a bulwark against immorality.  Don’t even associate with the immoral. Corinthian reply:  But … Continue reading

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Hurd-factions, tongues and wisdom

I am continuing to read and interact with John Hurd’s old book, The Origin of 1 Corinthians. The usual interpretation of 1 Corinthians sees Paul as dealing with factions in the church.  Paul starts out by expressing his disappointment that … Continue reading

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Hurd-sex, Paul vs Paul

  The proposition that “all things are lawful”  occurs in a couple of places in 1 Corinthians.  First, it is in 6:12 because Corinthians apparently used it to justify sexual immorality.  Then it is in 10:23 because it also seemed … Continue reading

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