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Christopher Wright-God’s mission

Christopher J.H. Wright published The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrativein 2006.  It is a tome of over 500 pages. Apparently the road to this book began when he studied Ezekiel.  The phrase, “Then they shall know that I … Continue reading

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John Wild-the Lebenswelt

In The Challenge of Existentialism John Wild praises existentialists for pioneering the phenomenological method of observing the world. He thinks this method is the way philosophy should go about its business. He contrasts the scientific method with this. The scientific … Continue reading

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Moving on from existentialism

My blogrole has remained static for a while. Today I am putting up After Existentialism, Light. This is a blog by Kevin Davis who has been reading Karl Barth and other personalist theology. He also promotes the music of people … Continue reading

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Craters, Pipe Cleaners, and Pink Floyd

Language evolves. One of the ways it is evolving today is that more and more nouns get used as verbs. Google has become a verb just as xerox became a verb some decades ago. Because of Facebook, friend has become a … Continue reading

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I affirm the crucifixion and burial of Jesus as historic events datable to the third decade of the first century. But what about the Easter event, the resurrection? The church’s theology and worship certainly affirms it. It is a little … Continue reading

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Crucified under Pontius Pilate

It is Holy Saturday and I am back. Reconfiguring my desktop was more time consuming than I had expected. It tied up my router making several hours-long data dumps. We don’t exactly have blazing fast internet. Also one day there … Continue reading

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Easter-Psalm 118

I live near Kansas City.  If you have been paying attention to the news at all, you know that an antisemite shot people in the parking lots at a Jewish complex in Overland Park, Kansas yesterday.  I am familiar with … Continue reading

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The Garden of Eden-beyond what you thought the story said

I just got my May/June issue of Biblical Archeology Review. This is a magazine that, whatever else you might say about it, is not stodgy at all. If they can find what might have been ancient Near Eastern porn, they … Continue reading

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Lent-Psalm 31

On the Sunday before Easter there are options for the readings. You can treat the day as Palm Sunday and stress Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It is a parade. People shout, “Hosanna”. In many churches there is a procession … Continue reading

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Milgrom-egalitariamism and wrap-up

I could go on and on with Jacob Milgrom’s commentary on Leviticus. The book of Leviticus is full of details. I have chosen not to go into too many of them so that I can deal with the larger picture. … Continue reading

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