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The wife and other problems about Cain

Forty years ago or so I would drop in every few weeks on a men’s Sunday School class. It seemed to me like the continuing discussion in that class was the problem of where Cain got his wife. They probably … Continue reading

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Limelight and the underlying theme

Since I have retired I have greatly enjoyed being out of the limelight. When I was an active pastor I was–at least locally–in the limelight. I led an assembly of people in worship every week. I published a column. I … Continue reading

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An Exodus of children?

If you search online about ancient Egyptian slavery you will find that there is a lot of deconstruction. The idea that slaves built the pyramids is wrong.  Slavery became more of a thing much later, in the New Kingdom, usually … Continue reading

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one letter changes everything

After the discovery at biblical Dan of an inscription that contained the phrase, “the house of David”, some scholars also read the davidic dynasty into an unclear line of the Moabite Stele. The Moabite Stele is an extremely important account … Continue reading

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Inferring and affirming the world we can’t see

The thing that has been on my mind is how to think about an unseen supernatural realm. Such a realm was certainly part of the worldview of biblical personalities and writers–the priest who wrote the Genesis 1 creation story, the … Continue reading

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Margaret Barker-drawing outside the lines

Margaret Barker, a fiercely independent British Methodist scholar, has a theory about Solomon’s temple and the religion that was practiced there. She has taken up a quest to rediscover the worship that took place in that temple. This has become … Continue reading

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the doctrine of revelation and henotheism

One of the blind spots in the academic study of religion has to do with revelation. Actual religious people believe that God has revealed or disclosed some of the meaning of existence and divinity. But titles like Mark Smith’s The … Continue reading

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