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Psalm 78 and the plagues of Egypt

The Passover/Exodus story in Exodus 7-11 tells of ten plagues that befell Egypt.  But there are shorter, poetic accounts of the plagues in Psalm 78:41 ff. and Psalm 105:27 ff.  Actually, since the word plague has come to mean a … Continue reading

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Out of Egypt

I sometimes hear or read that the exodus never happened, even that there is not a shred of evidence for it in the Egyptian records.  People who say this are probably rejecting a theological or sensational Hollywood version of the … Continue reading

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Beale-carrying the temple beyond Eden

One of the characteristics of  G.K. Beale’s The Temple and the Mission of the Church is that he uses facts about Near Eastern temples and mythology as background for talking about the Israelite temple.  It is a feature that some … Continue reading

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Lipovsky-a 12th century exodus

I recently watched the Ridley Scott film Exodus: Gods and Kings.  It was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be.  I found some things odd.  The main actors mostly look and talk like northern Europeans. Christian Bale … Continue reading

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Lipovsky-Early Israelites

A pet theory of mine has been that the story of the Exodus conflates a series of events where Semitic people left Egypt, beginning with the Hyksos around 1550 BCE and ending with a small group who left around 1200 … Continue reading

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I am reading Michael Fishbane’s Sacred Attunement, which is an approach to Jewish theology. He has done a kind of phenomenological look at human experience to claim that there is a universal ability to tune in to a divine underpinning to … Continue reading

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Cook-sacred interruptions

I have come to Deuteronomy 15:1-16:17 in Stephen Cook’s Reading Deuteronomy. This divides into four sections that seem quite different. In 15:1-11 the topic is debt relief. In 15:12-18 it is the release of indentured servants. These at least have … Continue reading

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