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My interest is in biblical studies and an outward-focused spirituality.  My main interest is not in theology. I end up having to do theology anyway, because I can’t do biblical studies or spirituality without talking about God–theology.  But academic theology … Continue reading

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Was King Saul a wife-beater?

I know the title sounds like a tabloid headline.  But, I have my reasons for asking. There is a difference between hearing the exact words of a biblical character and hearing the voice of that character. As we have just … Continue reading

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Cook-canonical shaping

I have been reading people who use Canonical Criticism to understand Scripture since I read Brevard Childs’ introductions to the Old and New Testaments in the late ‘80s,  But I have been uncomfortable with this and related approaches even while finding … Continue reading

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Cook-Moses dies alone

In Stephen L. Cook’s Reading Deuteronomy I have come to the final chapter and the death of Moses. Moses dies alone on Mount Nebo.  No one knows where exactly.  “He buried him” (Deuteronomy 34:6) means that God buried him.  No … Continue reading

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Cook-the Blessing of Moses

Although given a literary framework by exilic editors, the poem in Deuteronomy 33:6-25 is probably even older than the Song of Moses in the previous chapter.  Stephen L. Cook in Reading Deuteronomy puts this poem, the Blessing of Moses, back … Continue reading

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Cook-3 successors to Moses

I am always looking for something I had not considered before. As an interim pastor, I have often talked about the transition of leadership from Moses to Joshua.  It fits the theme of a transition of leadership from a resigned … Continue reading

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Cook-the passionate God

In his introduction to Reading Deuteronomy, Stephen L. Cook has already argued that there was a post-exilic edition of Deuteronomy that added some references to the Babylonian exile.  We find some of these in chapters 29 and 30.  Deuteronomy 29:28 … Continue reading

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