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Another decree that went out from Caesar Augustus

One of my sons was born on August 31, a day that wouldn’t even exist if it hadn’t been stolen from February. It happened like this: Julius Caesar reformed the calendar. The last month of the Roman calendar was February, … Continue reading

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Lent 2-Genesis 17:1-16

The scripture reading for Lent 2 in most Protestant churches is Genesis 17:1-7 and 15-16. The left-out verses have to do with the promise of the land to Israel and the sign of circumcision. Whether the intent or not of … Continue reading

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Prayers for Lent

Today is Clean Monday, the beginning of the Great Lent in the Eastern Orthodox Church, The Eastern Church is only about a week off from the Western Church this year. Our Easter Sunday will be their Palm Sunday. I keep … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins has converted–to agnosticism

He can’t be sure.  Well known reverse fundamentalist and atheist Richard Dawkins softens his position.  There was surprise when Prof Dawkins acknowledged that he was less than 100 per cent certain of his conviction that there is no creator. The … Continue reading

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Lent-Don’t give up a virtue

She gave up reading history and fiction for Lent?  That is what Lauren Winner has done. Does that even make any sense? Well, it does point up something I’ve always thought. If you give up something for Lent, it should be … Continue reading

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The Sermon on the Mount ends by pushing very hard the idea that there are two ways of life. There are two gates, one wide and one narrow, leading to either death or life (Matthew 7:13-14). There are the two kinds of trees, … Continue reading

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Lent Begins

Just as I blogged on the Hebrew Bible lectionary scriptures during Advent, I will do the same for Lent.  The first scripture is Genesis 9:8-17.  It is the story of God’s rainbow covenant with Noah.  Teaching this story to children … Continue reading

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