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Random Thoughts

Last night I sat outside on the deck and looked up at the moon.  I thought of how Neil Armstrong is dead yet his footprints are there at the Tranquility site.  They will probably be there for thousands of years. … Continue reading

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Jaroslav Pelikan-The baptism of the Tanakh

Remember that Jaroslav Pelikan uses the term Tanakh for the Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures. In Who’s Bible is It? he traces the adoption of the Tanakh as a part of the Christian Bible. In the 2nd century there was … Continue reading

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The Gospel in a nutshell

For some time the Christian Century, a magazine that appeals to the Mainline or Progressive party of Protestants, has run a series that asks scholars and preachers to summarize the Christian gospel in seven words.  The most recent article is … Continue reading

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Respecting the Bible

“Inerrancy is not and can never be a doctrine that respects the Bible. It is a framework imposed on the Bible and which is antithetical to giving the Bible respect, to say nothing of authority.” So says James McGrath at … Continue reading

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Jaroslav Pelikan-Talmud, Reason and Imagination

I am reading some more of Jaroslav Pelikan’s book, Who’s Bible Is It. He leads us through what has happened with Jewish oral tradition. For Judaism there is a twofold authority. The law was given and long existed in written … Continue reading

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The class of 2016

Every year Beloit  College puts out a list of things the class entering college can’t remember or has become accustomed to.  They call it the Mindset List. Part of its purpose is to remind us older folks how the young … Continue reading

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Swimming nekkid in the Sea of Galilee

Make what you want of this link to Ann Althouse.  I thought it was pretty entertaining. She asks a political commentator to explain his theology/theory concerning God taking sides in American politics.  There is a lot of that going on, … Continue reading

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