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Nanos-broken off or damaged olive branches?

I have read the next two essays in Reading Romans Within Judaism by Mark Nanos. The first essay was written for non-scholarly audience and is valuable for the way it more plainly states the way Nanos reads Romans 9-11.  The … Continue reading

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Yes, there is retirement in the Bible

Sometimes preachers or others say, “There is no retirement in the Bible.” Or “you can’t retire from Christian service.” I think one reason people want to say this is that many of our churches now are composed largely of people … Continue reading

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Nanos-the weak

Mark Nanos departs from traditional interpretation so much that students of Romans who have gotten used to the old ways of interpreting the letter can get lost. I admit that I have struggled to see what Nanos means. But I … Continue reading

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Nanos-how odd of God

Thus, Paul seeks to explain how the gentiles of Rome have entered in to Israel’s story, a story intended for the restoration of the whole creation. (Mark Nanos, Reading Romans Within Judaism, Essay 3: “The Jewish Context of the Gentile … Continue reading

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Had Paul’s Roman readers already broken with Judaism?

My new book project is a Mark Nanos book of essays called Reading Romans within Judaism.  I am reading the essays in his second volume. I have read quite a bit of the work of Nanos. I heard him lecture … Continue reading

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Karl Barth on salvation beyond death

My mother’s end-of-life process (I know, it’s a euphemism) goes on. She is 98 and in hospice care. She has long been ready to make the transition (another euphemism). She is definitely, as Bob Dylan sang, knockin’ on heaven’s door. … Continue reading

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Resurrection in pre-exilic thought

Isaiah 24-27 is often called the “little apocalypse”. The opinion of many of the Bible’s scholars is that true apocalyptic literature—like Daniel– is a product of the Persian period after Cyrus let the exiles who had been kept in Babylon … Continue reading

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