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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the thinking particle

Well, I have a late summer vacation to the State Fair and to Branson over the next week. Then I should be free to blog consistently for three or four weeks before family events in late September and early October … Continue reading

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Sanders-personal names and national spirituality

This is the month of my 50th wedding anniversary. So, although we are partying all year, June will be distracting because of events and observances. For the blog, this means I am not going to begin a book project. There … Continue reading

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Inferring and affirming the world we can’t see

The thing that has been on my mind is how to think about an unseen supernatural realm. Such a realm was certainly part of the worldview of biblical personalities and writers–the priest who wrote the Genesis 1 creation story, the … Continue reading

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Allison-how earthly is heaven?

In the next chapter of Night Comes, Dale Allison defends the idea of heaven, by which he means a conscious existence and blissful realm that the dead enter when they die. Over against this, many recent theologians—those who entertain belief … Continue reading

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Allison-hope on Mount Doom

One of the ways people put down any discussion of life after death today is to call it pie in the sky bye and bye. The “bye and bye” part of this depends on how long we live nowadays. Aside … Continue reading

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Terrien-new read for Ash-Valentine’s Day

Joy seems to get chilled out of life by the divisions between people today.  On social media I notice that people obsess about politics and have a hard time remaining “friends” with people on the other side. I miss the kind … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option considered again

I have been thinking about what is called the Benedict Option for a while. It is Rod Dreher’s proposal for Christians to strategically withdraw from the political culture wars.  Last August in the midst of America’s train-wreck of an election, I … Continue reading

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