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An Egyptian background for the Golden Calf

Sometimes it is good to read people  whose theology you do not share. I recently found an online version of an article I had read long ago.  The first thing I noticed was that as a believer in some version … Continue reading

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This year the Jewish feast of Purim, which celebrates Queen Esther saving the Jews from mass murder in ancient times, corresponded with Christian Holy Week.  I prefer it when Passover corresponds. I did not say anything about Purim last week. … Continue reading

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Life after life after death

I don’t go all the way with N. T. Wright on the New Perspective on Paul or on the category of Empire being as significant as he thinks it is. But he does have some great turns of phrase. One … Continue reading

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Neil Elliott inspires my sideways Holy Week reflection

Even though I have a busy week of Holy Week services and preparation for leading worship on Sunday, I had to spend some time in a medical waiting room where I read another article on the Paul-within-Judaism perspective from the anthology, … Continue reading

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Passion Sunday

Yesterday I used the taunts calling Jesus to come down from the cross as the basis for a Passion Sunday talk. The story is in Mark 15:29-32: Those who passed by defamed him, shaking their heads and saying, “Aha! You who … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday?

I’ve been asked to provide pulpit supply Palm Sunday and Easter.  This means travel and worship preparation.  So I won’t be starting any new blog project. Preaching on Palm Sunday is a dilemma.  People expect you to talk about Jesus … Continue reading

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Soulen-Islam and Nineveh

A few years ago I posted several summary/evaluations of Kendall Soulen’s The Divine Name(s) and the Holy Trinity.  I was a little out of my depth.  Trinitarian theology–ugh. Unitarianism, although mistaken, would be less of a strain on the brain. … Continue reading

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The historical Jacob

I have been reading the article “Comments on the Historical Background of the Jacob Narrative in Genesis” by Israel Finkelstein and Thomas Romer. It is available in PDF format here. As mentioned when I wrote about Finkelstein’s The Forgotten Kingdom … Continue reading

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Markus Gabriel-New Realism

You cannot avoid philosophy in history or theology.  The frustration I feel is that academic philosophy today seems dominated by the post-modernist emphasis on the construction and deconstruction of narratives.  Males and colonialists wrote history so you have to approach … Continue reading

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Nanos-rites of the law

Paul depreciated circumcision. Representatives of Judaism supported circumcision. Therefore Paul does not represent Judaism. According to Mark Nanos in an article, “The Question of Conceptualization: Qualifying Paul’s Position on Circumcision in Dialogue with Josephus’s Advisors to King Izates”, things are more … Continue reading

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