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Fredriksen-wrap up about Christian and Jewish messianism

David Novak is a Jewish scholar who has long been a dialogue partner with Catholic theologians. He had an article in First Things a couple of months ago about the difference between hard and soft supersessionism. In the current First … Continue reading

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Fredriksen and my thoughts on Purim

Today is Purim on the Jewish calendar. This holiday has the Book of Esther at its center. Haman hated the Jews and wanted to eliminate them. The Book of Esther tells how they were saved–not how God saved them, since … Continue reading

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Fredriksen-Paul, the Judaizer

In Paul, the Pagan’s Apostle, Paula Fredriksen claims Christians have badly misinterpreted Paul beginning in the Patristic period, even more so in the period of imperial orthodoxy following Constantine, and even up to today’s New Perspective. The misinterpretation was that … Continue reading

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Soulen-the gospel as Plan A

I am finishing up The God of Israel and Christian Theology.  R. Kendall Soulen offers an alternative to what he calls the standard model of the Christian good news. That standard model has been stated in many ways. Evangelists usually … Continue reading

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Soulen–Karl Rahner’s existential toward God

The book I am blogging about is The God of Israel and Christian Theology. Here R. Kendall Soulen sees in Karl Rahner’s concept of the “supernatural existential” a way forward toward a better way of telling the Christian story. Because … Continue reading

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When I drove to church yesterday morning the radio had Bonnie Tyler, with her unique throaty voice, rasping though “It’s a Heartache”. Somehow that set my mood for the day. Of course, the song is really about a romantic breakup. … Continue reading

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Soulen-Jews and Christians beyond PC

I am re-reading R. Kendall Soulen’s The God of Israel and Christian Theology. Soulen makes four preliminary points to his alternative to replacement theology. First, he says that the motive for opposing such theology must have to do with theological … Continue reading

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