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Soulen-Jews and Christians beyond PC

I am re-reading R. Kendall Soulen’s The God of Israel and Christian Theology. Soulen makes four preliminary points to his alternative to replacement theology. First, he says that the motive for opposing such theology must have to do with theological … Continue reading

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Henze-push back and challenges

This post will conclude my reading of Matthias Henze’s Mind the Gap: How Jewish Writings between the Old and New Testaments Help Us Understand Jesus.   One way Henze summarizes his argument is with this acknowledgement …our reading of the … Continue reading

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Hebrews and replacement theology

Here is hat tip to James Bradford Pate  of James’ Ramblings for a link to this paper by a Jewish author drawing back a bit from the view that the New Testament book of Hebrews supports replacement theology, for which the … Continue reading

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Beale-concluding thoughts

Because G. K. Beale talks, toward the end of The Temple and the Church’s Mission, about the Apocalypse and other last-things literature, it would be easy to get side tracked into a discussion of the various schools of millenialism. Beale … Continue reading

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Beale-the buggy/car analogy

When I retired I wanted to continue to do good.  Some retired clergy that I knew worked as volunteers with charitable organizations–Habitat for Humanity, for example.  This kind of work did not appeal to me at all because they put … Continue reading

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Soulen-Islam and Nineveh

A few years ago I posted several summary/evaluations of Kendall Soulen’s The Divine Name(s) and the Holy Trinity.  I was a little out of my depth.  Trinitarian theology–ugh. Unitarianism, although mistaken, would be less of a strain on the brain. … Continue reading

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Fishbane-radical kindness

There is a Hebrew word, hesed, in the Bible.  English readers are used to seeing it translated as “loving kindness”. In Sacred Attunement, Michael Fishbane uses the word when he talks about “radical kindness” as a Jewish practice that goes … Continue reading

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