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On losing an election

I will probably not blog again until next week. Looking at the rest of this week I just see too much travel and activity: a birthday celebration, a baseball game and the State Fair.. I am replacing my desktop CPU. … Continue reading

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Henze-demons: from Noah to Jesus

One thing about the gospels that is embarrassing to modernity is the prominence of demon possession. In just Mark’s gospel there are four detailed stories of Jesus performing exorcisms.  It is popular today to give psychological, medical, or even political … Continue reading

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Distracted by old clay tablets

The Mitanni empire included Haran, the city from which Abraham was called to go to Canaan.  It is the area where patriarchs went to get wives.  All this is according to the epics of Genesis. We know a good deal … Continue reading

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Links about the church joining the resistence and King Tut

This morning I have a couple of links. First, I link to an article by Ian Lovett that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal, which has a pay wall.  But the article, Politics in the Pews: Anti-Trump Activism is … Continue reading

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Gnuse-the road from Carmel to Horeb

In The Elohist, Robert Karl Gnuse presents a distinctive theory that much of the prophetic material—material about Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha—in Samuel and Kings comes from the same northern Israelite circle as does the E material in the Pentateuch. His … Continue reading

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Terrien-new read for Ash-Valentine’s Day

Joy seems to get chilled out of life by the divisions between people today.  On social media I notice that people obsess about politics and have a hard time remaining “friends” with people on the other side. I miss the kind … Continue reading

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Annual family Christmas Letter-2017

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all from Dave & Betty Corder. First, for this season of miracles: In April our daughter-in-law, Theresa had life-saving open-heart surgery. It was a long, tense day. She had suffered an … Continue reading

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