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Why blogging may be spotty for a while

The pastor of my home church has been on sick leave for couple months.  Fortunately, we have a young man taking care of Sunday morning services.  But the people have called upon me for a few things.  This week being … Continue reading

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Some readings about Egypt

Egyptology is a hobby of mine that sometimes contributes to understanding the Hebrew Bible.  I have found some excellent resources on the Internet. You have to be very careful though.  The vast majority of stuff about ancient Egypt on the … Continue reading

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Terrien, Trible and myself on gender

After reading Samuel Terrien’s Till the Heart Sings, I revisited Phyllis Trible’s preface. She confirmed my thought that Terrien has a parallel interpretation of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.  She says both follow a pattern.  1)  There is … Continue reading

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Terrien-reformed sexuality

In regard to sexuality there are a lot of options today: binary, non-binary, androgynous, or the endless multiplication of genders.  That Samuel Terrien subtiltles Till the Heart Sings “a biblical theology of manhood and womanhood” means that he is talking … Continue reading

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Terrien-the suppression of Prisca

During this new phase of the history of the church (A.D. 65-96), the position of womanhood was theologically and ethically altered.  The ambiguities entertained be the second generation of Christian leaders hardened into a male one-sidedness, which excluded women from … Continue reading

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Terrien-was Paul a misogynist prude?

I continue to read Samuel Terrien’s Till the Heart Sings which is a biblical reflection on gender. People have often considered the Apostle Paul anti-woman.  His convoluted and culturally influenced attempts to deal with issues between men and women in … Continue reading

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Terrien-women and Jesus

I continue to read Till the Heart Sings by Samuel Terrien, where he develops a theology of openness and celebration of both male and female identity.  Because female value has historically been disparaged more in Christianity, he lifts up the … Continue reading

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Terrien-Sophia to Logos

In Till the Heart Sings Samuel Terrien moves from the Hebrew Bible to the New Testament. The Wisdom of Ben Sirach and the Wisdom of Solomon are bridge texts. Previously Terrien has shown that Hebrew songs and wisdom tend to … Continue reading

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Purity rules and sex discrimination

I usually read and write in the morning.  That hasn’t been working this week.  I will get back to the Terrien book soon. Today I have two related things.  First, I have discovered that Samuel Terrien’s The Elusive Presence is now available as … Continue reading

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