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Why blogging may be spotty for a while

The pastor of my home church has been on sick leave for couple months.  Fortunately, we have a young man taking care of Sunday morning services.  But the people have called upon me for a few things.  This week being … Continue reading

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Some readings about Egypt

Egyptology is a hobby of mine that sometimes contributes to understanding the Hebrew Bible.  I have found some excellent resources on the Internet. You have to be very careful though.  The vast majority of stuff about ancient Egypt on the … Continue reading

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Terrien, Trible and myself on gender

After reading Samuel Terrien’s Till the Heart Sings, I revisited Phyllis Trible’s preface. She confirmed my thought that Terrien has a parallel interpretation of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.  She says both follow a pattern.  1)  There is … Continue reading

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Terrien-reformed sexuality

In regard to sexuality there are a lot of options today: binary, non-binary, androgynous, or the endless multiplication of genders.  That Samuel Terrien subtiltles Till the Heart Sings “a biblical theology of manhood and womanhood” means that he is talking … Continue reading

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Terrien-the suppression of Prisca

During this new phase of the history of the church (A.D. 65-96), the position of womanhood was theologically and ethically altered.  The ambiguities entertained be the second generation of Christian leaders hardened into a male one-sidedness, which excluded women from … Continue reading

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Terrien-was Paul a misogynist prude?

I continue to read Samuel Terrien’s Till the Heart Sings which is a biblical reflection on gender. People have often considered the Apostle Paul anti-woman.  His convoluted and culturally influenced attempts to deal with issues between men and women in … Continue reading

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Terrien-women and Jesus

I continue to read Till the Heart Sings by Samuel Terrien, where he develops a theology of openness and celebration of both male and female identity.  Because female value has historically been disparaged more in Christianity, he lifts up the … Continue reading

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