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One of my more conservative professors back in the 1970‘s used to say that there are no errors in the Bible that are not corrected in the Bible. I guess you could say that this was a form of inerrancy. … Continue reading

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Sparks-stuff that we know apart from the Bible

Kenton Sparks, in God’s Word and Human Words, next wants to talk about the “context of the whole”, by which he seems to mean the integration of the Bible with other human knowledge from science, history and so on. Traditionally … Continue reading

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Sparks-human and divine discourse

I am reading and responding to Kenton Sparks book, The Word of God in Human Words. Sparks gives us two chapters about genre. The first is about the various kinds of human discourse in the Bible. He starts right off … Continue reading

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Sparks-constructive approaches

The next chapter in God’s Word in Human Words is entitled “Constructive Responses to Biblical Criticism”.  Kenton Sparks finds a rich collection of attempts by scholars to deal in a positive way with the problems historical analysis of the Bible … Continue reading

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Sparks-is reading the Bible this way hostile to faith?

Clearly Kenton Sparks has read and disagreed with many evangelical scholars who have tried to dismiss or downplay the application of critical methods to the Bible. In God’s Word in Human Words he tries to show how inadequate many of … Continue reading

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Sparks-Billy Graham and Carl F. H. Henry

In order to understand what we are really dealing with in Kenton Sparks’ God’s Word in Human Words, we have to see that many perceive it as a direct attack on the central tenet of evangelical Christianity. Sparks tells how … Continue reading

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Sparks-many voices singing

In God’s Word in Human Words, Kenton Sparks moves on to deal with the New Testament. In the four gospels there are a number of historical problems, such as the differences between John and the other gospels; the differences between … Continue reading

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