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Murphy-O’Connor-Damascus and beyond

“Have I not seen the Lord”  (1 Corinthians 9:1).  “He appeared to me” (1 Corinthians 15:8).  “He (God) called me through his grace and was pleased to reveal his son to me so that I might preach him among the … Continue reading

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Murphy-O’Connor-the problem of Paul as persecutor

I am continuing to read Jerome Murphy-O’Connor’s Paul: A Critical Life. Paul says that he persecuted the church. The author of Luke/Acts goes into considerable detail about this.  Luke’s account includes Paul’s presence at the stoning of Stephen, the implication … Continue reading

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Murphy-O’Connor-Paul, the Pharisee

“As to the Law, a Pharisee” is the way Paul characterized himself in Philippians 3:5. Luke has further statements about Paul’s pharisaism.  Paul studied in Jerusalem under the famous teacher Gamaliel I, a Pharisee   (Acts 22:3).   Luke’s Paul even claims … Continue reading

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Murphy-O’Connor has a detailed chapter in Paul, a Critical Life about Paul’s youth in Tarsus. It is true that it is Acts, not the letters, that speak of Tarsus.  However, Paul is clearly a diaspora Jew and his statement in … Continue reading

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Murphy-O’Connor-Claudius and Gallio

When Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, in Paul: A Critical Life, deals with the various known political figures in Acts, he discriminates between those that are well attested and those where Luke has a general idea but is just guessing at the details. … Continue reading

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Murphy-O’Connor-bedrock dates for Paul’s life

Today I begin to report on my new reading project, Jerome Murphy-O’Connor’s Paul: A Critical Life.  Early in the book he develops his chronology of Paul the Apostles’ life. I had read Robert Jewett’s A Chronology of Paul’s Life and … Continue reading

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Hebron, Jerusalem and the United Kingdom

Beginning next week I am going to turn my attention to the New Testament for a while. But before I do, I want to make a final note regarding what I have read and thought about over the last few … Continue reading

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