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Jodi Magness says that archeology can tell us a bit about the Samaritans. Anyone who has read the gospels knows about Samaritans–the Good Samaritan, the woman at Jacob’s well, etc..  It was during the Persian period that the Samaritan/Jewish binary became … Continue reading

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Magness-my sidetrip about Persia and George W. Bush

The return of George W. Bush to the news this week in connection with the opening of his presidential library, reminded me of the Bush derangement syndrome many people had in the last decade. We have Obama derangement syndrome now … Continue reading

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Magness-on old Jerusalem

I continue with Jodi Magness and The Archeology of the Holy Land. There is a preliminary chapter about the prehistory of the Holy Land, the time before the Babylonian Conquest. She focuses on Jerusalem and what archeology tells us about … Continue reading

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Magness-Archaeology and History

Okay, enough with the theology.  Not that I promise to avoid theology in the future or even today. Everything has something to do with theology.  But my main interests include history and texts and archaeology in the Ancient Near East … Continue reading

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Therapeutic church going

Yesterday the New York Times had an article trying to come to terms from a secular point of view with studies that show that going to church is good for people. The picture at the top has a woman lying … Continue reading

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Fretheim-What kind of God?

I finished reading Terence Fretheim’s The Suffering of God.  I need to remind you of a couple of Fretheim’s earlier themes. One of them is the idea of the intensification of God’s presence.  God is always present, but in certain … Continue reading

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Fretheim-Godlike prophets

A reservation I have about Terence Fretheim’s method in The Suffering of God is that he does not make as much of the different voices in the Bible as I would.  He recognizes that there are different voices.  But I … Continue reading

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