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Women, Men and Worship

Here is another article about the fact that the proportion of worshipers in most churches is skewed toward women.  Maybe it is because of more female clergy.  But Roman Catholics have male clergy only and still have more women worshiping.  So why do … Continue reading

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Advent IV-Micah 5:15

Christians use Micah 5:2 as a prophesy of Christ. Matthew and perhaps Luke (1:52?) use Micah’s mention of Bethlehem in their nativity stories. Bethlehem means the house of bread, a fitting place for the one Christians call the Bread of … Continue reading

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Christmas letter II

Last year I posted my family Christmas letter. I will do the same this year: Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year (Don’t say Happy Holidays.  Be specific.) Major events of 2012 for Dave and Betty Corder: * Betty recovered from chemo-therapy and grew … Continue reading

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Advent III-Isaiah 12

Isaiah 12 is the Revised Standard Lectionary reading for Advent 3.  Well, actually the official reading is Isaiah 12:2-6.  But, since verse 1 and 4 are parallel (“In that day, you will say. . .”), I have no idea why the … Continue reading

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Advent II-Malachi 3:1-4

Malachi 3:1-4 is one of the readings for the second Sunday of Advent.  Christians have interpreted the passage as a prophecy of John the Baptist. But the messenger of verse 1 probably was Malachi or another prophet of the time. … Continue reading

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