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Terrien-the gender of God

In most circles today people avoid assuming someone is male.  Long gone are the days when it made any sense to address letters to “Dear Sir” or “Gentlemen” as I am old enough to have been taught to do. It … Continue reading

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Terrien-was the past female?

Samuel Terrien has a chapter in Till the Heart Sings called “the circumcised male and the pollutant female”.  To be up front about it, I disagree with his conclusions here.  However, my purpose is to put his views out.  Later … Continue reading

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Terrien-the play of wisdom

In Till the Heart Sings, Samuel Terrien quickly turns to wisdom literature, first to the Song of Solomon or Song of Songs. During the divided monarchy (ca. 922-587), the wisdom circles of the Jerusalem royal court provided the princes with … Continue reading

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Terrien-woman the crown of creation

I am reading this book: Samuel Terrien begins with the Garden of Eden story. “The story of the Garden was probably chanted liturgically at the ceremonies of the autumn festival, several hundred years before it was incorporated into the present Pentateuch” … Continue reading

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Terrien-new read for Ash-Valentine’s Day

Joy seems to get chilled out of life by the divisions between people today.  On social media I notice that people obsess about politics and have a hard time remaining “friends” with people on the other side. I miss the kind … Continue reading

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Looking for the Moses People

Why was the theory advocated by Brian Peterson, that the priests at Anathoth wrote down and edited the Deuteronomy flavored history from Joshua-2 King, worth considering? After all, you might say any adherent of Mosaic Yahwism could have taken up those … Continue reading

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What Amos knew

I am just going to think out loud for a while. Yesterday I mentioned that Amos 5:25 implies that some version of Deuteronomy was known to Amos. That verse is a rhetorical question:  “Did you bring to me sacrifices and … Continue reading

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