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Historical Jesus–Rome and America

I brought up the subject of the historical Jesus, because I was put off by the notion of “red-letter” Christians“, who are certain evangelicals with a social justice agenda.  They see the words of Jesus, which some Bibles put in … Continue reading

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New Dead Sea Scroll Site

This is new and convenient: “Now, anyone around the world can view, read and interact with five digitized Dead Sea Scrolls. The high resolution photographs, taken by Ardon Bar-Hama, are up to 1,200 megapixels, almost 200 times more than the … Continue reading

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The Asaph Songs–History and Faith

Today I am looking back on my whole series on the Psalms of Asaph.  I understand the Asaph Psalms as  originating  in a community of cult prophets in charge of the worship, especially the music, at an alternative sanctuary in … Continue reading

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Peter Berger on Habermas

Here is a sharp article.  European thought forms a background for what filters through our universities.  During my formal education it was existentialism.  More recently it has been post-modernism.  Like many Americans, Peter Berger scratches his head. Anyway, I appreciate … Continue reading

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Psalm 83-One God to Rule them All

Psalm 83 isn’t in the lectionary used in most traditional Protestant churches.  So it never gets read in church.  It is politically incorrect, calling for the violent defeat of Israel’s enemies.  And, judging from a Google search, it gets interpreted … Continue reading

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Historical Jesus-the Fall of Jerusalem

That Jesus predicted the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple seems to be a fact of history. People saw Jesus as a prophet, a successor to John the Baptist.  They compared him to Elijah and Jeremiah.  You … Continue reading

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Looking at my last post, I can see that someone might conclude that I  think belief in one God is not a big deal. My main point was that I don’t see an evolution from polytheism to monotheism.  There were … Continue reading

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