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Lectionary censorship and a proposal

A lectionary is a collection of scripture readings appointed for reading in worship on a given day or occasion.  Christian lectionaries usually follow the seasons of the church year; Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, etc. For many years as a preacher … Continue reading

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Goldingay-the long wait

I have finished reading John Goldingay’s The Theology of the Book of Isaiah. The last two chapters are about David and the Day of Yahweh.  But they are really about how to interpret the visions and promises of hope and … Continue reading

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Goldingay–God is in control but we are responsible

Isaiah seems both to hold that God is behind violence–like the Assyrian and Babylonian attacks on Jerusalem–and that God punishes the violent nations.  This raises the question of the interplay between divine sovereignty and human responsibility. A similar problem arises … Continue reading

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Goldingay-restoration of what remains

In one paragraph of The Theology of the Book of Isaiah John Goldingay lays out the historical bad news and good news for Jerusalem contained in Isaiah: The destruction of Jerusalem in 587 is unreported but presupposed in the book; … Continue reading

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Goldingay-Israel and Zion

John Goldingay in The Theology of the Book of Isaiah moves from the doctrine of God to the relationship of God to his people and place. When Isaiah ben Amoz, the founder of the Isaiah circle of prophets, lived and … Continue reading

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Goldingay-doctrines of revelation and God

John Goldingay wrote his The Theology of the Book of Isaiah in two parts.  The first looked at the content of Isaiah by sections and in some historical context.  I covered that before the break for my trip to Montana. … Continue reading

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RIP Rene Girard

I had a series of posts some months ago about Rene Girard’s view of what Christ’s death meant.  Now comes word that Girard has died. Christopher S. Morrissey talks about what he learned from Girard here.  He concludes: So, how … Continue reading

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The historical Elijah

The sermon I am preparing is about the prophet Elijah.  Our pastor uses something called the Narrative Lectionary.  So I am going to (sort of) use the scripture that comes up for November 8 in that.   I am going to … Continue reading

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Dillon-true and false theories about Jesus

This link is to an article by Kyle Dillon for the Gospel Coalition an organization of conservative preachers with media ministries like D. A. Carson, John Piper and Kevin DeYoung.  I am not that conservative, so I was surprised that … Continue reading

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Goldingay- Ambiguity about Gentiles

I have finished the part of Goldingay’s book that surveys the contents of Isaiah. My routine has been broken by baseball–staying up for extra-innings games and celebrating into the next day.  That is over now.  The Royals made me proud. … Continue reading

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