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Allison-morality and the impinging of last things

Dale Allison in Night Comes points out that even in movies and novels today the last things often receive more attention than they do in mainline pulpits. He thinks we are short-changing people by not talking about last things. By … Continue reading

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Allison-the truth of the imagination

If there is a new and better life after this one, that changes our attitude toward the present. Many argue that such a belief undermines our concern about this world. Concerns about society and posterity that drive political involvement would … Continue reading

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Allison-the movie we watch at the time of death

The Near Death Experience (NDE) has been the subject of many popular books. Usually the books claim that these experiences give us knowledge about what awaits after death. There are counter claims that these experiences are totally subjective. In Night … Continue reading

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Allison-imagining immortality and resurrection

Dale Allison has a chapter of Night Comes that struggles with the doctrine of the resurrection of the body. He spends much space on the idea often expressed in historical theology that some material from my present body must get used … Continue reading

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Allison-hope on Mount Doom

One of the ways people put down any discussion of life after death today is to call it pie in the sky bye and bye. The “bye and bye” part of this depends on how long we live nowadays. Aside … Continue reading

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