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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.

Barclay-introduction on grace

John Barclay gave this lecture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. Don’t be put off by the short introduction being in Italian.  Barclay’s lecture is in English.  Of course, if you are Italian, you may be put off by … Continue reading

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Bronze Age epidemic

A terrible epidemic, probably the Bubonic Plague, in the 14th century before Christ prompted one of the exodus-like events–or so I have speculated on the basis of Manetho’s claim that lepers or diseased quarry workers were quarenteened.  Here is the quotation from … Continue reading

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Levenson, Barclay and the New Perspective

I am in a quandary about my next project. The Jon Levenson book,  The Love of God, is the first part of an idea for looking at the love of God or the grace of God from both a Jewish and … Continue reading

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Graves in Egypt (Exodus 14:11)

Already in 2017 there have been 3 major archeological finds in Egypt.  The two tombs are from the New Kingdom period -1500 to -1000.  This is of interest to me because I have been arguing that it was during this … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option considered again

I have been thinking about what is called the Benedict Option for a while. It is Rod Dreher’s proposal for Christians to strategically withdraw from the political culture wars.  Last August in the midst of America’s train-wreck of an election, I … Continue reading

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Psalm 78 and the plagues of Egypt

The Passover/Exodus story in Exodus 7-11 tells of ten plagues that befell Egypt.  But there are shorter, poetic accounts of the plagues in Psalm 78:41 ff. and Psalm 105:27 ff.  Actually, since the word plague has come to mean a … Continue reading

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Out of Egypt

I sometimes hear or read that the exodus never happened, even that there is not a shred of evidence for it in the Egyptian records.  People who say this are probably rejecting a theological or sensational Hollywood version of the … Continue reading

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