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Friedman-did love really trump hate?

Richard Elliot Friedman’s book, The Exodus has the subtitle, How it Happened and Why it Matters. How it happened, according to him, was that the Levites were the people Moses led out of Egypt.  This means that “all Israel” was … Continue reading

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Friedman-did God evolve?

Here is another post about Richard Elliott Friedman’s book, The Exodus. Friedman is vexed that there is no consensus among scholars about the dating of biblical texts.  He was taught by Frank Moore Cross and David Noel Freedman.  They used … Continue reading

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Friedman-where Moses (and God) came from

Was Moses a Hebrew, an Egyptian, or a Midianite?  In The Exodus, Richard Elliott Friedman deals with this in connection with the origin of monotheism. As the story now stands in Exodus with the various sources now combined, Moses was … Continue reading

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Friedman-the Levites as the people of the Exodus

I am posting about Richard Elliott Friedman’s new book The Exodus. Two old poems give primitive information that relates to the Exodus. One of them, which does not have anything straight forward to do with the Exodus is the Song … Continue reading

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Friedman-source criticism as key to the Exodus event

I have been reading Richard Elliott Friedman’s just published book, The Exodus: How it Happened and Why it Matters. In it Friedman takes a position in regard to the often-heard claim that the Exodus from Egypt never happened.  What that claim … Continue reading

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Carr-final observations

I am finishing up David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience today. My first observation is that there are reasons to think his understanding of trauma in early Christian experience is too one-dimensional.  He emphasizes what he sees as the trauma of … Continue reading

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Carr-survival after the Jewish War

We have been reading through David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience, where he highlights the role trauma has played in Jewish and Christian history. Two more traumas mark the start of a new era for Judaism and Christianity.  The main one … Continue reading

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