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Allison-morality and the impinging of last things

Dale Allison in Night Comes points out that even in movies and novels today the last things often receive more attention than they do in mainline pulpits. He thinks we are short-changing people by not talking about last things. By … Continue reading

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Terrien-reformed sexuality

In regard to sexuality there are a lot of options today: binary, non-binary, androgynous, or the endless multiplication of genders.  That Samuel Terrien subtiltles Till the Heart Sings “a biblical theology of manhood and womanhood” means that he is talking … Continue reading

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Friedman-did love really trump hate?

Richard Elliot Friedman’s book, The Exodus has the subtitle, How it Happened and Why it Matters. How it happened, according to him, was that the Levites were the people Moses led out of Egypt.  This means that “all Israel” was … Continue reading

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Levenson, Barclay-wrap up

I want to bring Jon Levenson’s The Love of God and John Barclay’s Paul and the Gift into some kind of relation. Although both books talk about the love of God, they are different, not just because one is by … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option considered again

I have been thinking about what is called the Benedict Option for a while. It is Rod Dreher’s proposal for Christians to strategically withdraw from the political culture wars.  Last August in the midst of America’s train-wreck of an election, I … Continue reading

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Levenson-love as reciprocal loyalty

In The Love of God, Jon Levenson uses the Amarna Letters to talk about the love of God for us. He has used the ancient suzerainty treaties as the source for the biblical notion of love. In those treaties the … Continue reading

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Lee-Barnewall–Genesis and Ephesians on marriage

In Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian, Michelle Lee-Barnewall has two chapters on marriage. The complementarian-egalitarian battle in evangelical churches has been about both ecclesiastical roles and domestic roles for men and women. To engage with the domestic relations question, she deals … Continue reading

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