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Barclay-introduction on grace

John Barclay gave this lecture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. Don’t be put off by the short introduction being in Italian.  Barclay’s lecture is in English.  Of course, if you are Italian, you may be put off by … Continue reading

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Levenson, Barclay and the New Perspective

I am in a quandary about my next project. The Jon Levenson book,  The Love of God, is the first part of an idea for looking at the love of God or the grace of God from both a Jewish and … Continue reading

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Levenson-God’s command “Love me!”

I am going to reverse Jon Levenson’s final chapter in his The Love of God and start at the end. The chapter is about the problem of how the love of God relates to modernity. He discusses how more modern Jewish philosophers have … Continue reading

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Levenson-Jewish philosophers

The next chapter in The Love of God by Jon Levenson moves on from ancient biblical and rabbinic material to medieval Jewish philosophers.  This is new territory for me. I had never heard of Bah ya ibn Pequda, an 11th … Continue reading

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Levenson-divine jealousy and the divine love language

I am reading Jon Levenson’s The Love of God. Today I want to cover two points that derive from Levenson’s teaching experience. When a writer can bring real world experience–okay, sometimes it is a stretch to call universities the real … Continue reading

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Levenson-love as obligation

How can emotion be commanded?  Yet the shema of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 contains the command “You shall love the Lord your God.”  Most marriage ceremonies include the promise to love.  Yet love as passion is a fickle thing that comes and goes. … Continue reading

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Does history have a wrong side?

Over at Michael Ruse has a thought-provoking article about whether evolution has a direction. He reviews what philosophers, theologians, and scientists have said. But he does not come to a solid conclusion. He ends up with a speculation about … Continue reading

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