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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the thinking particle

Well, I have a late summer vacation to the State Fair and to Branson over the next week. Then I should be free to blog consistently for three or four weeks before family events in late September and early October … Continue reading

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Inferring and affirming the world we can’t see

The thing that has been on my mind is how to think about an unseen supernatural realm. Such a realm was certainly part of the worldview of biblical personalities and writers–the priest who wrote the Genesis 1 creation story, the … Continue reading

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the doctrine of revelation and henotheism

One of the blind spots in the academic study of religion has to do with revelation. Actual religious people believe that God has revealed or disclosed some of the meaning of existence and divinity. But titles like Mark Smith’s The … Continue reading

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Heiser-reading the Bible with new eyes

I have now read through Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm. He never does have a section that deals with my question of how one integrates the Bible’s supernatural worldview into modernity. This includes its idea of a pantheon where Israel’s … Continue reading

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Heiser-holy war and tall people

In The Unseen Realm Michael Heiser takes a stab at explaining holy war in ancient Israel and the troubling concept of harem, the dedication of conquered enemies to destruction. The Deuteronomy 32 worldview switches the usual concept of God’s election … Continue reading

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Heiser-the angel in the bush

I watched the whole Ten Commandments for the first time in years just before Easter. That movie filters the way my generation reads Exodus. Having recently been to a Metallica concert, I was struck by how that band’s song, Creeping … Continue reading

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Heiser-evil spirits for and against God

I admit that I have a prejudice with regard to the whole traditional doctrine of the Fall. That doctrine has caused much mischief, it seems to me. And I have noticed that Jews, reading the same Bible, have not found … Continue reading

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