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A leap to monotheism

I do not have time to do another post on my reading project today.  But here is something I want to call your attention to.  James K. Hoffmeier makes what I think is a very good point about the so-called … Continue reading

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Does history have a wrong side?

Over at bigquestionsonline.com Michael Ruse has a thought-provoking article about whether evolution has a direction. He reviews what philosophers, theologians, and scientists have said. But he does not come to a solid conclusion. He ends up with a speculation about … Continue reading

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Hiyyuv is a Hebrew word that means obligation. I am surprised by how Michael Fishbane in Sacred Attunement uses this concept.  He says that obligation is given with creation.  He talks about how as humans become aware of their placement … Continue reading

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I am reading the chapter on transcendence in Linda Mercadante’s Belief Without Borders. One part of the spiritual but not religious (SBNR) view of transcendence concerns what they reject from Judaism and Christianity. That was the theme of my previous … Continue reading

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Johnson-the community paradigm

Today I finish my July project of reading, summarizing, and reacting to Elizabeth Johnson’s Ask the Beasts. She points to three paradigms for understanding the human place in creation. First, there is the dominion paradigm. This derives from the Bible’s … Continue reading

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Johnson-deep incarnation

I continue my blog series about Elizabeth Johnson’s book, Ask the Beasts. Incarnation is the Christian doctrine that, in Jesus, God became flesh (John 1:14). Some modern translations of that verse say “the word became a human being.”  Johnson wants … Continue reading

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Johnson-the Bible, death and deep time

Elizabeth Johnson’s Ask the Beasts is our subject once again. She is a philosophically aware theologian or, perhaps, a theologically aware philosopher. My field is more biblical studies and history. So I look out for places where the Bible impinges … Continue reading

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