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Limelight and the underlying theme

Since I have retired I have greatly enjoyed being out of the limelight. When I was an active pastor I was–at least locally–in the limelight. I led an assembly of people in worship every week. I published a column. I … Continue reading

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Jacob’s dream at Bethel

Here is the situation I am in right now. A couple weeks ago I filled in for a pastor who was ill. In the meantime that pastor has very unexpectedly died. So now I am asked to preach again and … Continue reading

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Why blogging may be spotty for a while

The pastor of my home church has been on sick leave for couple months.  Fortunately, we have a young man taking care of Sunday morning services.  But the people have called upon me for a few things.  This week being … Continue reading

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To life!

There was a personal and family event a couple of months ago that I have not mentioned on here before.   Our oldest son, who lives an hour and a half away, called early one morning to say that his wife … Continue reading

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Immediate and future blog projects

This year I want to study grace in Judaism and Christianity. There are important new works by John Barclay and Jon Levenson. Both of these have a very difficult subject. Grace, which essentially means the undeserved love of God, has been a … Continue reading

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 year-end reflection after about six years of blogging

What interests me is the foundations of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  The claim that the God the Israelites called YHWH revealed himself to them and made them his people draws me to the Hebrew Scriptures.  The claim that this God further … Continue reading

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I am back

This is just a note to say that I will write posts again after the 4th of July holiday. Although I finished the Bronze-Age-Collapse posts, June was otherwise a bust for blogging. My son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren stayed with us … Continue reading

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