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Israel Knohl-Jacob-el and a pretty wild theory

Israel Knohl has a new theory about Israel’s origin that is poles apart from whatever consensus there is. It is only fully published in a Hebrew book, How the Bible was Born (summary here). There is a review by someone … Continue reading

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Gaines-P as built upon a lyrical epic

I am reporting on my read of The Poetic Priestly Source by Jason M. H. Gaines. In between the very specialized analysis of Hebrew passages in P according to his yardstick for what constitutes poetry and what constitutes prose, Gaines … Continue reading

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Assuming the exodus happened–where and when?

They traveled from Etham, and turned back to Pihahiroth, which is before Baal Zephon: and they encamped before Migdol (Numbers 33:7 WEB). Before I move on to more about the books I have been reading by James Hoffmeier and Robert … Continue reading

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Gnuse and Hoffmeier-the mystery mountain

Both Robert Karl Gnuse and James Hoffmeier deal with the question of the location of Sinai/Horeb.  Gnuse, in The Elohist,  says that in E the operative phrase is the “mountain of God.”  Horeb, he thinks, has become attached to this … Continue reading

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Baden-the broken hallelujah

In the conclusion to Joel Baden’s The Historical David, he notes that the story of the end of David’s life and the installation of Solomon as king is not an apology for David. David appears weak and old.  This last … Continue reading

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Carr-prophets and the scrolls inside you

Now go, write it down on a tablet in their presence, inscribe it on a scroll, so that it might be preserved for a future time as an enduring witness (Isaiah 30:8 NET Bible). It seems that early prophets and … Continue reading

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Goldingay-restoration of what remains

In one paragraph of The Theology of the Book of Isaiah John Goldingay lays out the historical bad news and good news for Jerusalem contained in Isaiah: The destruction of Jerusalem in 587 is unreported but presupposed in the book; … Continue reading

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