That statue in Cairo is probably not Ramses II

The latest news about the statue just discovered in a Cairo neighborhood is that the initial identification of the Pharaoh depicted is suspect. In other words, it probably is not Ramses II, but a much later Pharaoh. See the very short news clip here.

The name of Psamtik I was found engraved on the statue, although it is possible that he reused an old statue of another Pharaoh.

At any rate, the lesson of this is that one should not rush out with the news as soon as a discovery is made. In this case, there was a lot of hype in the media, because the pictures were great. I even saw the story playing over and over on the TV at a doctor’s office last week.

But now that the story has changed, it will not get the same coverage. People have moved on. So one should withhold judgment. Breaking news often has faulty details.


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