More deeply into Advent

Here is a semi-poetic Advent meditation that I link because I haven’t yet done anything to mark Hanukkah or the impending Nativity celebration.  Be sure to watch and listen to the video at the end.

It may help to know that, although I don’t think he mentions it in the meditation, the author, Gerald VanderLeun, lives (or lived) in Paradise, California and just lost his home to the fires.

I like this meditation because it deals with spaceflight, which is often on my mind,  and acknowledges the awe-instilling and worshipful aspect of seeing the bigness of the universe.  Yet it also raises questions about the hubris that tempts us because we have been able to reach out toward the stars.

From the meditation:

As we now move more deeply into Advent, we move — in our long sweeping orbit about our home star — closer to the moments when that which is most deeply our gift and most certainly our curse is made manifest in the music of our being in a manner beyond all reason. And no matter what our faith — even if that faith is that there is no faith to be had — this turn of the year, this Advent, will inexorably bring us once again to the memory of the miracle made manifest all about us in every moment if we could but pause to see the forever present revelation.

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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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