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The genetic archeology of Lebanon

There are different ways to explore the past.  We have some ancient texts.  We have dug up pots and the remains of buildings.  We even have mummies and other human remains.  More recently we have tried to date sites by … Continue reading

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Dijkstra-Iron Age 1 on the coast and in the hills

I am finishing today with my treatment of Meindert Dijkstra’s “The Origins of Israel Between History and Ideology”. He uses both Israelite and Egyptian documents. But he thinks both are obscured by ideologies that require us to go behind them … Continue reading

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Levenson-A Phoenician Myth and John 3:16

Jon Levenson in The Death and Life of the Beloved Son uses two Hebrew Bible stories to illustrate the theme of the non-literal sacrifice of beloved children. One of them is the story of Solomon’s birth to David and Bathsheba. … Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 32-Bulls and Eagles

Deuteronomy 32:10-14 sings about the exodus and occupation of the land as events in the past. So Moses doesn’t seem a likely author. But how far in the past do the events need to be? Verse 32:15 seems to me … Continue reading

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