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Sparks and the age of the Song of Deborah

Beginning in April of 2005 I blogged for several weeks about Kenton Sparks’ book, God’s Word in Human Words. Sparks has now made available on the Internet his paper “Religion, Identity and the Origins of Ancient Israel”, which was originally … Continue reading

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Ramses III in the context of Egypt’s decline and Israel’s rise

This morning we had a power outage for several hours.  I did not know whether I would be able to get online today or not.  So instead of reading more of G. K. Beale, I read a paper I had recently … Continue reading

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Faust-Identity and history

“As for Israel’s actual origins, it seems as if ancient Israel was composed of peoples who came from various backgrounds: a semi-nomadic population who lived on the fringe of settlement, settled Canaanites who for various reasons changed their identity, tribes … Continue reading

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Abraham and Sitting Bull

I have been traveling out west for the last several days. The purpose was to celebrate my wife having another birthday after surviving cancer and to visit my father for whom the light is now fading the way it did … Continue reading

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