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The rise of Israel-McCarter

As to the central question behind The Rise of Ancient Israel, the lecturers give different answers.  William Dever finds no distinction between the early Iron Age Israelites and the Canaanites in terms of things like pottery and house building.  So … Continue reading

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Lipovsky-Hyksos, Habiru, Israel

The people who compiled the Hebrew Bible deliberately omitted any history of the northern tribes before they united with the southern tribes.  So says Igor Lipovsky in his Early Israelites.  If they had told this story they would have contradicted … Continue reading

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Faust-Identity and history

“As for Israel’s actual origins, it seems as if ancient Israel was composed of peoples who came from various backgrounds: a semi-nomadic population who lived on the fringe of settlement, settled Canaanites who for various reasons changed their identity, tribes … Continue reading

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The Joseph Epic–Genesis 49:28-50:14

It is almost Halloween, so I will deal with stories about mummies, Jacob’s mummy and Joseph’s mummy.  Jacob’s death and burial is the subject of Genesis 49:28-50:14. Most of Genesis 49 does not belong to the Joseph epic.  It is a poem with … Continue reading

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