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Korah and the bald priests

In Numbers 16 and 17 we find the story of the rebellion of Korah. Actually, critics distinguish two stories that someone has spliced together. There is the rebellion of Korah against Moses and Aaron, which was an issue within the … Continue reading

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Hoffmeier-what Moses might have said

In this post and the next one I will evaluate some historical conclusions of Hoffmeier and Gnuse. Hoffmeier, in Ancient Israel in Sinai, defends the idea that Moses wrote most of the Pentateuch.  So there was no Yahwist or Elohist, … Continue reading

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Assuming the exodus happened–where and when?

They traveled from Etham, and turned back to Pihahiroth, which is before Baal Zephon: and they encamped before Migdol (Numbers 33:7 WEB). Before I move on to more about the books I have been reading by James Hoffmeier and Robert … Continue reading

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Gnuse and Hoffmeier-the mystery mountain

Both Robert Karl Gnuse and James Hoffmeier deal with the question of the location of Sinai/Horeb.  Gnuse, in The Elohist,  says that in E the operative phrase is the “mountain of God.”  Horeb, he thinks, has become attached to this … Continue reading

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Hoffmeier-geography and reality

One difference between James K. Hoffmeier in Ancient Israel in Sinai and scholars with a minimalist tendency concerns the names of places in the Pentateuch. Minimalists explain the place names in Numbers 33 and elsewhere as reflecting the 6th century … Continue reading

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Hoffmeier-how we study the Bible and Sinai

In order to show the contrast in ways to approach the narratives in the Pentateuch, I am going to shift from Gnuse’s The Elohist to James Hoffmeier’s Ancient Israel in Sinai for one or two posts before I have to … Continue reading

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Gnuse-the road from Carmel to Horeb

In The Elohist, Robert Karl Gnuse presents a distinctive theory that much of the prophetic material—material about Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha—in Samuel and Kings comes from the same northern Israelite circle as does the E material in the Pentateuch. His … Continue reading

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