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Does history have a wrong side?

Over at bigquestionsonline.com Michael Ruse has a thought-provoking article about whether evolution has a direction. He reviews what philosophers, theologians, and scientists have said. But he does not come to a solid conclusion. He ends up with a speculation about … Continue reading

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Sparks-what to do with tradition

Kenton Sparks, in his God’s Word in Human Words, gives us a condensed history of interpretation, that is, the movement in the western Christian world from premodern to postmodern understandings of how to interpret texts. In the premodern world the … Continue reading

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Reality is more interesting that Kant

My wife is reading a biography of Immanuel Kant.  She enjoys reading all kinds of biographies, but philosophy has never been an interest of hers. So she wanted a thumbnail summary of Kant’s thought. Well, what I know is that, … Continue reading

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