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Love and election, a detour

When I was listening to John Barclay talk about Paul’s notion that Abraham received grace without regard to his worth, I vaguely remembered something I had read in another book by Jon Levenson. I found it. Levenson has been talking … Continue reading

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I hate this election

First there were articles about a poll finding that 13% of the Americans  preferred a meteor strike to voting for either Clinton or Trump.  Now we have someone who calls himself “Sweet Meteor O’ Death” running for president on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Wright-universality and particularity

From much of the historical-critical treatment of the Bible you get the impression that the universal nature of mission only arose in the later prophets. Christopher Wright in The Mission of God disagrees with this. He does not think the … Continue reading

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I can finally quit muting all those expensive ads

Here are just a few thoughts on the day after the U.S. election, possibly they are too cynical. The campaigns raised and spent billions of dollars, a billion just on the presidential campaign.  But nothing much has changed.  We have … Continue reading

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