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Gaines-P as built upon a lyrical epic

I am reporting on my read of The Poetic Priestly Source by Jason M. H. Gaines. In between the very specialized analysis of Hebrew passages in P according to his yardstick for what constitutes poetry and what constitutes prose, Gaines … Continue reading

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Carr-final observations

I am finishing up David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience today. My first observation is that there are reasons to think his understanding of trauma in early Christian experience is too one-dimensional.  He emphasizes what he sees as the trauma of … Continue reading

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Carr-survival after the Jewish War

We have been reading through David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience, where he highlights the role trauma has played in Jewish and Christian history. Two more traumas mark the start of a new era for Judaism and Christianity.  The main one … Continue reading

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Carr-Paul, trauma, and zeal

David M. Carr in Holy Resilience treats Paul as the traumatized apostle. Some of his points do not convince me. He tries to suggest that Paul’s christiopanies (appearances of Christ and visions)were trauma-related. He points especially to the vision recounted … Continue reading

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Carr- the crystalization of the Bible

I am blogging about David M. Carr’s book, Holy Resilience. Carr says that the Hasmonean monarchy . . .though it only existed for a few decades–was the only Jewish institution of the time with the power to enforce the selection … Continue reading

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Carr-Ezra, puritanism, and resilience

Today I am talking about another chapter of David M. Carr’s Holy Resilience.  His topic is the return from exile and he is looking at it with modern Trauma Theory in mind. The Persians allowed Judean exiles to return to … Continue reading

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Carr-survivors guilt and traumatic chosenness

I was going to post yesterday but didn’t because my DSL went out for a while.   Today is Veterans Day in America and Armistice Day in Europe, so this post is more appropriate for today anyway. One factor in some … Continue reading

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