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Looking for the Moses People

Why was the theory advocated by Brian Peterson, that the priests at Anathoth wrote down and edited the Deuteronomy flavored history from Joshua-2 King, worth considering? After all, you might say any adherent of Mosaic Yahwism could have taken up those … Continue reading

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The genetic archeology of Lebanon

There are different ways to explore the past.  We have some ancient texts.  We have dug up pots and the remains of buildings.  We even have mummies and other human remains.  More recently we have tried to date sites by … Continue reading

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The Rise of Israel-Dever

In reading William Dever’s lecture in The Rise of Ancient Israel  about how you can’t tell the difference between Caananites and Israelites, I realized that much of his theory has to do with his excavations at Gezer.  He excavated that important site … Continue reading

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