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VanderKam and Flint-Qumran and the conflict of angels

In The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the authors have gone through much necessary discussion of the recovery of the scrolls and their content. More than half-way through the book the patient reader begins to find actual discussion of … Continue reading

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Heiser-poetry and metaphor, or something more?

I hope I have established that in The Unseen Realm Michael Heiser is on to something that is really there in the Bible. Even in the priestly creation story there is the idea that God is acting along with others: … Continue reading

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Heiser-elohim, gods and spirits

I am reading Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm. His reading of Psalm 82:1 is what led him to question what he had been taught about the nothingness of gods other than the Lord. Sometimes the Hebrew word elohim refers to … Continue reading

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Allison-how earthly is heaven?

In the next chapter of Night Comes, Dale Allison defends the idea of heaven, by which he means a conscious existence and blissful realm that the dead enter when they die. Over against this, many recent theologians—those who entertain belief … Continue reading

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