Annual family Christmas Letter-2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all from Dave & Betty Corder.

First, for this season of miracles: In April our daughter-in-law, Theresa had life-saving open-heart surgery. It was a long, tense day. She had suffered an event that the surgeon said only 1 in 100 people survive. She is recovering. Dave only preached once this year. He talked about our experience of God’s gift and God’s love.

Grandson, Connor, continues his gymnastic activity. He also is learning to play the violin. He doesn’t like it when Dave calls it a fiddle. The four in Tennessee continue to do well. The three younger ones are all advancing in martial arts. The oldest, Eliza, is college age now. She has actually been taking college classes for a couple of years. This Fall, she hiked the first part of the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to North Carolina, while blogging about it. She plans to finish the hike in the Spring. Okay, we are through bragging about the grandchildren now.

In January, we went to Florida by way of Tennessee. We stayed on the Atlantic coast iat a resort at Sebastian. We took a cruise on the inland water way and up a river into marshes. We saw dolphins, manatee, gators, sea turtles, and a wild assortment of birds. We tried to see a SpaceX launch at the Cape. But it was delayed beyond our stay. We are going to try again next month when the new Falcon Heavy may launch.

In May and June we went to Idaho. We visited Craters of the Moon National Monument. With Betty’s cousin, Carol, we celebrated birthdays at Priest River. Hint: we took Betty’s picture under a 70 mph speed limit sign. We went on to Glacier Park. Then we visited Dave’s family in and around Great Falls, Montana. Fortunately we missed the horrendous fire season of late summer.

In October Dave’s mother turned 96.

Our friend and cat, Midnight, was nearly 16 when he died at the end of last year. God rest his kitty soul. During the summer we felt ready to adopt a new cat.

We have welcomed Marc Antony to our family. Dave has told lies about why we named him that: If we had adopted a tabby, we would have named her Cleopatra. Or the chief mouse in the attic is Caesar and Marc Antony has come to bury Caesar. The truth is that the shelter called him Antony, but people wanted to say Anthony. Dave said, “No, Antony, like Marc Antony.” And that stuck.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and pray that 2018 brings you good things.


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One Response to Annual family Christmas Letter-2017

  1. jamesbradfordpate says:

    My condolences about Midnight. We lost one of our cats in September. He was 17, I think.

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