Seals with names from ancient Jerusalem

Here is a link to an article that appeared in yesterday’s Jerusalem Post.

It says that archeologists have found a collection of ancient seals in Jerusalem. Those with the names of scribes on them come from the period between the Assyrian conquest of Samaria and the Babylonian conquest of Judah–the late Judean monarchy.  Many of the names are found in the Bible. In the Bible they belong to people from Northern Israel.

Just to be clear, these are names in common with particular biblical characters, not the names of biblical people themselves. In the past, archeologists have found seals that probably name actual biblical characters, for instance, Jaazaniah from 2 Kings 25:23 and Jeremiah 40:8.  See here.   That is not what this is.

But perhaps the names common in the north confirm that many northerners fled south during the Assyrian invasion and that some of them became government or religious officials in the south.


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