To life!

There was a personal and family event a couple of months ago that I have not mentioned on here before.   Our oldest son, who lives an hour and a half away, called early one morning to say that his wife was having emergency surgery.  We drove over there and spent many anxious hours in surgery-waiting.

The open heart surgery took all day.  But those of us waiting were perhaps not anxious enough.  We still did not know just how serious her situation was.  Finally, the surgeon came out and told us that she had survived the surgery, but that the mortality rate at this point was still high.

She had suffered a thoracic aortic dissection.  Those words strike terror into anybody who knows what they mean.  People seldom survive–one in a hundred, the surgeon said.  Basically, her aorta had burst.  Some well-known people have died of this; such as the actor, John Ritter, and the diplomat, Richard Holbrooke.

But she didn’t die.  She is in cardiac therapy and making a comeback.  This means that our 8-year-old grandson still has his mother.  My son still has his wife.  Her parents still have their daughter.  We still have our daughter-in-law.

Since then I have written rather academically about the love of God and the gift of God.  But gratitude is not academic for us.  I find myself often thinking and saying the Hebrew toast: l’chaim, to life.

This makes family events even more important and satisfying for us.  That is my way of saying that we are at a time of year when we celebrate some anniversaries and birthdays and do a little traveling–which means that this blog will go quiet for a few weeks.


About theoutwardquest

I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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