A weather problem

I am between reading projects anyway so I will just call this week a loss for blogging.

We had a tornado Monday.  Electricity and internet have been intermittent.  I have had a big mess of fallen branches to clean up, although damage at my house was minor.

The storm, however, has affected the community in multiple ways.  Restaurants and grocery stores have to close to restock because their freezers were out.  Also, we have a boil order for drinking water because the water plant was hit and pumps are out.  The city has asked us to cut way back on water use.

Churches are bringing in meals and water for the clean-up crews.

In nearby Oak Grove well over 400 homes were lost.  Several homes were totaled or lost their roofs here.  I took a drive in the country, where the storm tore up several farms. Cattle died, but somehow no people.

The tornado was at least 400 yards wide. It stayed on the ground for 11 miles and then touched down here and there.  They say it was an EF3.

Wind.  Rain. Hail.  Wailing sirens. Then silence and darkness.  Quite an experience.

One man sheltered in his bathroom, then came out with a flashlight, looked around and said, “I believe the house is gone.”  It was.

Years ago I was at a church meeting, which we quickly dismissed because a possible tornado was approaching.  A few of us stayed behind to close up the church.

We looked out over the parking lot when the wind stopped.  Everything became suddenly calm.  Then junk started floating down out of the sky.  It was mostly insulation and shingles, but there were also pieces of metal.  The metal had ice on it, because it had been lifted so high in the atmosphere.  This was all from a town that had been largely destroyed 30 or 40 miles away.

Missouri weather.



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