Vacation and inauguration

My wife and I have taken a winter vacation for the last few weeks.  We love Florida in the winter.  Not only is the climate an improvement over Missouri, but we enjoy the birds on the coast.  We saw white and brown pelicans, gulls, herons, cranes, terns, curlews, cormorants, and more.  Also we saw dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles.  We also saw a gator in the wild.  For a ranch boy from Montana this is exotic stuff, especially in January.

Originally, we had planned to view SpaceX launch the first Falcon Heavy rocket.  It would have been spectacular.  But the launch accident in September has pushed everything back.

I haven’t written anything about politics since the election.  I supported Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.  The Libertarians are messed up and I disagree with some of their positions.  But I thought they offered a better ticket than either of the major parties.  I supported Johnson beyond just showing up and voting.  For example, I signed the net petition to let him into the debates and I drove around for a month with a Johnson bumper sticker.

But politics is not the meaning of life for me.  So it took me about 15 minutes to get over my disappointment at Johnson’s showing.  I would not say that Trump is not my president–just as I would not say the Patriots are not my Super Bowl champions, even though I preferred the Falcons.  Reality is reality.

So this week I plan to put up a few posts with thoughts that have something to do with the situation since the American election.

On January 20 I posted the following to Facebook:

Inauguration Day memory: One morning in 2005 I got a call from Mike Pence’s chief of staff.  I was hometown pastor to the late congressman, Ike Skelton.  Many, both in Lexington and Washington, had been shaken by the very unexpected death of Ike’s wife, Susie.  Pence’s man wanted to know where to send a memorial.  He said that the Pences and Skeltons had been active in the same Washington prayer group.  Then, to my surprise, he wanted to just hang out with me on the phone for a long time talking about life, death, and faith.  No politics.

Now what I wrote was a straight memory of something that happened and now had new significance because of Pence’s inauguration.  It was not partisan.  Congressman Skelton, after all, was a Democrat.

But the only people who reacted to the post were people who, from their posting history, I knew supported Trump.  Everybody else ignored the post.  Maybe that doesn’t mean anything.  But I took it as a pointer to the polarization and incivility that now mark political feelings in America.


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I have many interests, but will blog mostly about what I read in the fields of Bible and religion.
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