Jerusalem papyrus

A papyrus that carbon dates to the 7th century BCE has been recovered from antiquity robbers.  It is a shipping order for wine in Hebrew and reads,

“From the king’s maidservant, from Na’arat, jars of wine, to Jerusalem.”

According to the USA Today story,

“The document represents extremely rare evidence of the existence of an organized administration in the Kingdom of Judah,” Eitan Klein, deputy director of the robbery prevention unit, said Wednesday. “It underscores the centrality of Jerusalem as the economic capital of the kingdom in the second half of the seventh century B.C.”

However I am withholding my judgement about this.  Christopher A. Rollston thinks it could be a forgery.  See here.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority continues to maintain that it is authentic.  See here.

I am not sure if either side or neither has a political agenda.  But I am living in America the first week of November 2016, so it is hard not to think about political agendas.


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